Walking with the sun. Winter in Maremma!

From Punta Ala to the ruins of Santa Petronilla, La Santa, Castiglione della Pescaia.

Ruins are located in the woods of the bandits to the north-west of Pian di Rocca. It is not currently possible to say with certainty in which year it was built. The architectural structure of the complex included an area connected to the miraculous spring which in the Seventeenth Century is still active. Hagiography, about Petronilla, does not provide us, despite having had a widespread cult. What is certain is that she was buried in Rome in the cemetery of Domitilla near the underground Basilica of the catacombs. Her body would remain in the cemetery of Domitilla in Rome until 757 when, Pope Paul I, carried it with the sarcophagus in the Vatican basilica. France has always given her a great veneration and devotion as its main patron and protector.