Discover history could be an Adventure! From the Necropoli up to the Acropoli by MTB.


MTB tour trough farms around Castiglione della Pescaia hinterland, to reach Etruscan Via dei Sepolcri, which leads to the monumental tombs of Vetulonia. The tour continues with a visit to the small village of Vetulonia at the top of the hill, where remains of the ancient Etruscan walls, known as Walls of the Arce are preserved. This ancient wall is made with polygonal blocks, according to a construction technique widespread between the VI and II century BC in Etruria and Lazio. We also recommend a stop at the Etruscan museum Isidoro Falchi and the Vetulonian archaeological areas.


Routes are mainly simple cross-country, suitable for all levels! Level: from EASY to MEDIUM

Tour recommended in any season.

In the summer, the hottest hours are not recommended.

Vetulonia, Archeological area, Etruscan’s Necropoli
Vetulonia, Archeological area, Etruscan’s Necropoli
Isidoro Falchi Museum and Archeological Areas