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Guides and qualifying Instructors CSEN, by CONI, will take care of guests on mountain-bike / ebike  through the territory between Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala, Tirli Vetulonia and Buriano. The organized tours offer new aspects to the biker, related to the culture, art and history of this beautiful area, in addition to the well-being that derives from making movement in the open air.

“If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to help him build his own.”

Dhirubhai Ambani

Punta Ala was born in recent times. In ancient times, that area was known as Punta Troia. This toponym is present in the Geographical Map Gallery located in the Vatican Palaces. This gallery is located along the itinerary that leads to the Sistine Chapel. It is an exceptional cartographic representation of the regions of Italy realized between 1581 and 1583.

The Italian aviator Italo Balbo was struck by the beauty of this place, observing it during the flights to Tripoli and gave the name of Punta Ala to this area that also became training base for his fleet, which in 1931 was the protagonist of the first oceanic crossing. He bought Punta Ala’s Castle, erected by the Medici in the Sixteenth Century, built on the highest part of the promontory and now a private home. 

Italo Balbo was considered a potential political rival of Benito Mussolini because of the great popularity achieved and was appointed in 1934 as Governor of Libya.

Punta Ala Port is organized as a meeting point for tourists. 

All around there are small restaurants with sea view and a bar where you can enjoy beautiful views and sunsets.

In the past, the promontory of Punta Ala was a borderland between the Principality of Piombino and the Granducato of Tuscany, where the pirate invasions were much feared. 

In this area are ancient architectural structures that served as points of sighting and defense. Like the Hidalgo Tower on the homonymous peak, and Punta Ala’s Castle, erected by the Medici Family, both dating back to the 16th century. 

Not far away is the Isolotto dello Sparviero with the Torre degli Appiani, or Torre di Troia Vecchia.

Punta Ala is renowned not only for the beauty of the territory, for its tranquility, for the golf course, for mountain-bike’s trails, the Marina, the riding centers and the numerous sailing regattas that are organized there.


Cala Violina, Punta Ala